Jane – Instructor Yoga Teacher

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I started Bikram in 2004 at the completion of my Contemporary Dance degree. I was drawn to the discipline of the practice, and I was inspired by the process, a 90 minute sequence in continuum, developing strong mind/ body integration. Certain postures motivated me to come back again and again.

As a dancer of course I fell in love with standing bow. And yet, there were other postures I struggled with, like awkward pose. I realized I required a balance of strength and flexibility, the 26 postures could assist with this and also improve foundational alignment. I like that the class maintained a focus without interruption and props. My relationship to myself deepened. As a consequence of consistent practice I began to change habits, make healthy decisions and strip the layers of my psychological conditioning. I started doing challenges, practicing everyday. Eventually the practice became a priority and teacher training became the most obvious step. I graduated in Spring 2008 Mexico.

Teaching is a gift. I am inspired to guide students to their full potential, facilitating in the mastery of the physical self, and ultimately fostering a sense of spiritual development: self realization.

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