Jan – Instructor

When did you start Bikram and why?
I started almost 10 years ago, who knows what got me there, but I do believe when the student is ready the teacher appears.

What made you decide to become a Bikram teacher and when did you graduate?
After 6 years of practice I wanted to learn more about this yoga I had come to love.I graduated June 2010 Las Vegas

How has Bikram changed your life?
My first class I thought was horrible, something akin to an April Fool’s Day joke, but later in the afternoon I has one of those lightbulb moments when I realised that the intense concentration required in the 90 minute class had given me my first mental break from a distressing emotional problem that I had at the time and I realised that, if it could give me what nothing else had been able to, i was going back day 2 and so it has been pretty much every day since.
I love the practice and I love teaching so it has completely changed my life. What a blessing to find that work is no longer work, it is what I want to do and love to do.

What is something non related to Bikram that you are proud of?
I am enormously proud of my grandchildren they are all amazing. My two eldest granddaughters practice Bikram and one is a qualified schoolteacher and the other just starting university this year to do likewise. My beautiful grandson is a very happy plumber. My youngest granddaughter won a scholarship to start high school last year. I could not ask for more lovely young people each and every one of them.