Our Studios

At LAVA YOGA – Bondi Junction and Maroubra Junction we strive to provide the best possible services in a friendly environment. We are constantly upgrading and improving our amenities with in our studios to enhance your yoga experience. We welcome any suggestions from our fellow yogi’s.

The Yoga Studios

We have specifically designed our studios to optimise the best environment for practising Hot Yoga. Our heating system has been customised for our specific purpose by drawing fresh air from the outside and heating the room to our desired temperature. The heating vents come from the ceiling ensuring that the heat is evenly spread, with the rear fans helping to circulate the heat evenly through out the room. Our rooms are spacious,light and airy, with large windows across the rear wall in Bondi Junction looking out at a pleasant view, offering 150sqm space. In Maroubra our largest studio space of 185sqm has large windows across the side wall, along with extra large mirrors along the front and side.

Both Studios have wood Faux Floor

That’s right no stinky carpet! Our beautiful studio floors are state of the art cushioned flooring that looks like wood, feels like wood and yes it can be mopped! First Bikram studio in Australia to have this floor installed and we love it!!
The new floor surface has an eco friendly treatment which creates a barrier against dirt and harmful bacteria. The anti-mildew and water-proof membrane prevents the transfer of mould. The underlay is eco friendly, floors are cleaned 3 times a day and the best of all, no smell!


Deluxe travertine showers and change room areas available for both men and women, along with hair dryer stations in the women’s bathrooms. We provide complimentary lockers to lock your belongings, just take the key and please remember to put it back before leaving the studio.

Towels and Mats

Mats and towels are mandatory in the yoga room for hygiene purposes. Fresh towels are available for rent for $2. Mats can be rented for $2 and are also available for sale. If you are on any unlimited or direct debit pass you are eligible to leave your mat at the studio, it must be in a mat bag with your full name on the mat and bag. It is also advised to wipe your mat clean after class with the mat cleaning solution we provide.

Pure Filtered Water

We provide a filtered water fountain outside both studio doors for our students to refill their drink bottles as well as being able to buy bottled water and coconut water at the front desk.


We sell a variety of retail products, Organic rehydration and health suppliments, Mats and Mat bags, Onzie’s yoga wear in all sizes and colours, yoga non slip towels, Endura tubs and satchels, water and coconut water.

Kathy front desk

Studio etiquette

To ensure a harmonious environment for all, please note the following requirements:

  • NO MOBILE PHONES are to be taken into the room please leave it turned off with your belongings
  • Lockers are provided complimentary for your belongs. Take the key for security into the yoga room and remember to leave it back in the locker before you leave the studio.
  • Leave shoes in shoe rack provided at the front desk.
  • Be on time for class, our doors open 30 minutes before classes and we recommend getting there early – if you are late, you will not be admitted for class, or may find the door locked – no exceptions, the teacher must start on time to finish on time.

Please stay for the duration of the class. For security reasons our front doors are locked during class, if you leave early, you jeopardise the safety of everyone’s belongings. If you absolutely MUST leave class due to being un-well do so in between posture sets and notify the teacher immediately so they can monitor you.

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